TELL ME Project

European Commission

Roberto Satolli satolli [at] zadig [dot] it
Luca Carra carra [at] zadig [dot] it
Pietro Dri dri [at] zadig [dot] it

publishing and web products, distance learning program
communication, education, information

TELL ME (Transparent communication in Epidemics: Learning Lessons from experience, delivering effective Messages, providing Evidence) is a 36-month European Collaborative Project, which aims to develop efficient communication models in case of contagious outbreaks and combines public health, social sciences, behavioural sciences, political sciences, law, ethics, communication and media.
TELL ME is committed to identify the most appropriated instruments (within institutional communication) in order to increase citizens’ awareness on efficient prevention-measures (vaccines, antiviral therapies, correct hygienic procedures, etc…) against infections. Besides, it will evaluate the most appropriated communication methods in order to deal with complexity, uncertainty, disinformation and distorted or wrong information on these topics.In conclusion, TELL ME aims to identify the best communication strategies to support vaccinations and assist operators and health authorities in handling cases of vaccines- resistance.

TELL ME activities are divided in 6 Work packages, dedicated to the principal research lines, results dissemination and project management.

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Zadig is leader of the Work package 5, which concerns the project dissemination.

Our tasks include the realization and management of the project’s website, press agency activities and, more in general, dissemination and awareness-increasing activities.

We are also developing a distance education prototype program directed to European General Practitioners, which aims to foster the dissemination of efficient communication techniques (which will be developed at the end of the project) in the eventuality of pandemics.