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The ECRAN (European Communication Research Awareness Needs) project has been funded by the European Community in order to improve the EU Citizens’ knowledge about independent medical research and promote their participation to independent and multinational clinical trials, by means of communication materials.
ECRAN is coordinated by the Istituto Mario Negri di Milano in cooperation with several European partners, including patient and consumer associations (Institute National de la Santé et de la Recherche Médicale INSERM, France; University Medical Center Freiburg Universitätsklinikum, UKL-FR, Germany; Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen University Hospital Copenhagen Trial Unit, RegH, Denmark; KKS-Network (Network of the Coordinating Centres for Clinical Trials), University Hospital of Cologne, Germany; Cochrane Consumer Network, CCNET, UK; Oxford University Hospitals, OxUnivHosp, UK; European AIDS Treatment Group, EATG, Belgium).

Multinational, independent clinical trials provide valuable contributions for improving medical care in Europe by answering urgent questions about best therapies, diagnoses and prognoses.

ECRAN project aims at informing citizens, patients, healthcare professionals, researchers, policymakers and society about: 

  • the importance of public knowledge on clinical trials;
  • the need for independent clinical trials driven by healthcare issues, in order to optimise treatment strategies by comparing benefits and harms of multiple therapeutic options, supporting evidence-based clinical practice and reducing healthcare inequalities; 
  • the need for transparency and optimal use of data, in order to promote treatment cost-effectiveness and reduce the economic burden of diseases; 
  • the need for multinational cooperation, taking advantage of  Europe population size and diversity, and of its medical expertise. 
Over a 2-year activity period, ECRAN project is developing communication materials for guaranteeing European citizens free access to general and comprehensible information about clinical trials. In order to achieve this goal, information will be made available in English, French, German, Spain, Italian and Polish, whilst basic information are provided in the 23 European languages.

Zadig is involved in 4 out of 7 ECRAN WPs (work packages) and it is the project leader in 3 of them. The WPs will develop:
  • an animation film in the 23 European languages (partner),
  • two serious games (ECRAN Lab ed ECRAN Maze) in 6 languages (English, French, German, Spain, Italian and Polish) (leader),
  • the website ( in 23 languages (leader), 
  • the information and educational materials in 6 languages,
  • a network of European journalists committed to ECRAN project and its messages (leader).