At Zadig we develop national and local projects for Institutional Clients – such as Italian National Health Institute, Local Health Services, National Professional Boards, Scientific Societies – which are aimed for health workers, other professionals (lawyers and trainees) and students (universities and secondary schools).
Zadig is an accredited National Standard Provider (Providers National board n.103) with quality certification UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 for distance and residential education.
Our team provides all the necessary expertise (editing, IT, technical, administrational) for developing and managing turn-key educational packages.
The majority of our distance education projects are developed on SAEPE© (Sistema per l’Aggiornamento e l’Educazione Permanente, Update and Permanent Education System), a technological platform purposely created for andragogical models. SAEPE allows free access to educational trial runs – previous registration – where the potentialities of our educational model and platform can be easily explored.
Besides SAEPE, we have developed two more platforms:
  • GOAL, or distance education of small groups (Gaining Health Project, National Guidelines System Project,  Steps Project), allows forums and web communities;
  • FADINMED, (Distance Learning in Medicine), developed for FNOMCeO (National Orders of Surgeons and Dentists) and IPASVI (National Boards of Nursing) which is centred on clinical governance and clinical risk.

Contacts: segreteria [at] zadig [dot] it


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