Communication information and education

Our projects

Pharmacovigilance magazine by the University and Hospital of Verona, quarterly published and affiliated to the International Society of Drug Bulletins (ISDB).

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Program funded by the Sixth Framework Programme of the European Commission on climatic impact in the Mediterranean area (Climate Change and Impact Research: the Mediterranean Environment). Zadig leads the operative unit for dissemination and is in charge of international communication, press agency activities, website realisation (including layout and supervision), newsletter, multimedia materials and publishing products.

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TELL ME is a European collaborative project which involves various and multidisciplinary experts and aims to develop risk-communication models in the eventuality of epidemics, especially flu pandemics. Within the international project network, Zadig is in charge of disseminating the results, coordinating similar projects and building a network of organizations and international agencies, which is essential given the global nature of pandemics.

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The European Project ECRAN (European Communication Research Awareness Needs) aims to promote high-quality information among the European citizens about independent clinical research and will use different informative and educational materials. Within the Project - which involves several European partners and is coordinated by Mario Negri Institute, Milan – Zadig coordinates the website realization and has developed the communication plan.

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Scienceonthenet is the portal dedicated to Italian research in Europe and in the world. Its purpose is to spread news and information about the many Italian research center and their international collaborations. The website also provides information about European announcements and funds available, an updated database of research-related jobs, press reviews, documents and much more.

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Institutional communication

At Zadig we have matured public-communication expertise in the fields of Health, Environment and Science.
Being particularly active within the National Health Service, at Zadig we develop campaigns, websites, leaflets and newsletters for operators and the public on prevention and major healthcare themes.

Communication and Publishing

At Zadig we produce articles for important Italian Newspapers as well as designing, writing, editing and publishing “turn-key” magazines, newspapers and websites.
Our feature is a distinctive integration between technical knowledge and journalistic approach, which allows us to provide correct and easily accessible information for everyone.


Zadig is a National Standard Provider (National Providers Register n.103) and we dispense ECM credits at a national level. More than 200,000 health workers have enrolled our distance learning courses. Many of the educational programs we run are commissioned by and designed for Institutions (Regions, Local Health Services, Hospitals, Italian National Institute of Health, FNOMCeO - National Boards of Surgeons and Dentists Federation, IPASVI – National Nurses Board, INAIL – Italian government agency for the insurance against work-related injuries)